Cloud Solutions and IT Consultancy Services for Business


Cloud Planning Services

Upgrade your business with bespoke cloud solutions from ElasticAir. Backed by years of experience, ElasticAir provides support with strategy, management, and migration.

cloud providers

Make sure you choose the right cloud provider for your needs, whether it’s Google, Microsoft, or Amazon.


Disaster Recovery

Prepare for the worst with comprehensive disaster recovery options, ranging from backup-as-a-service to recovery-as-a-service

Microsoft Office 365

Access your applications online, offline, or on the go with the latest Microsoft Office 365 solutions, including features specialised to your unique needs.

Virtualisation and Strategy

Improve your business’ IT efficiency and agility by perfecting your on-premises solutions.

IT Strategy

ElasticAir specialises in IT strategy and consulting enabling you to optimise your digital infrastructure.

Need advice about IT?

Qualified IT consultants are on hand to address all of your business needs.

Consult the experts
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About us

Rely on expert IT consultants to help transform your business with cloud and infrastructure-based solutions. ElasticAir provides IT consultancy services for small to medium-sized businesses across the UK. With more than 45 years’ combined experience in the industry, ElasticAir specialises in cloud, virtualisation, and disaster recovery services. From financial sectors to the public sector, all clients are equally important at ElasticAir.