Amazon Web Services for Business

Trust ElasticAir to design, deploy, and manage your Amazon Web Services (AWS) and spend more time focusing on other business priorities. Moving all or some of your services to a public cloud provider like AWS is no small matter, particularly if you currently provide your IT services in-house. With significant experience and expertise in cloud solutions, ElasticAir provides a straightforward transition with minimal disruption to services.



First of all, ElasticAir will analyse your current environment to assess its suitability for AWS. This includes running an inventory to identify what you have running on your on-premise data centres and identifying what and how to migrate these to the cloud.

This information is then used to define your business objectives. Not all workloads are ideal candidates for public cloud migration, but the team will identify and analyse suitable workloads and begin to shape your cloud strategy.


This assessment forms the basis of a more detailed plan. ElasticAir produces high-level designs specifically for your organisation, leveraging all AWS features to create a highly available and secure network. This may be built as a standalone cloud solution or connected to your on-premises environment using either AWS Direct Connect or VPNs.

Incorporating tools such as CloudFormation, Terraform, and Ansible, the team aim to automate the delivery of your EC2 VMs and other solutions as seamlessly as possible. Providing governance and strategy, ElasticAir will provide documentation and training for all services related to:

  • AD Connector

  • AWS Identity & Management

  • EC2 VMs

  • AutoScaling Groups

  • CDNs

  • Route53

  • Storage

  • Networking

Considering Public Cloud Options?

Optimise your services for the public cloud with Amazon Web Services.

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When planning is complete, ElasticAir will implement your agreed approach, including phases such as testing, proof of concept, and migration. To ensure all aspects of migration are handled as smoothly as possible, a dedicated account manager will oversee your project.