Microsoft Azure Migrations and Transformations for Business

Reduce your data centre footprint with Microsoft Azure services. By switching to a hybrid cloud provider, you will free up valuable time for your IT team to get innovative. As a reputed IT consultancy, ElasticAir has the expertise to help you migrate to an Azure cloud solution, whether you want to create an infrastructure or a platform, or even use it for disaster recovery. Used by companies around the world, Azure provides enterprise level solutions for all your business needs.



Running cloud readiness assessments, architects will determine whether or not your on-premises data centres are prepared for Microsoft Azure. This includes mapping out your existing environment and defining your business objectives. Although not all workloads are ideal candidates for public cloud migration, this assessment will help the team to analyse your options and shape your cloud strategy.


Producing both high-level and low-level designs to help you begin the planning stage, ElasticAir will leverage all Azure features to deliver a highly available and secure network. Whether you’re looking for a standalone cloud solution or a connection to your on-premises environment, we’ve got you covered.

Using tools such as PowerShell, DSC, JSON, ARM Templates, and Terraform, the team will ensure your Azure VMs and other solutions have been integrated as seamlessly as possible. Other features include:

  • Azure AD Connect

  • Networking

  • Password Sync

  • Identity & Management

  • Azure VMs

  • AutoScaling Groups

  • CDNs

  • Traffic Manager

  • Blob Storage

  • NSGs

Searching for Cloud Solutions?

Implement Microsoft Azure solutions with the help of professional IT consultants.

Assess Your Infrastructure


After agreeing upon an approach, including phases such as testing, proof of concept, and migration, a dedicated account manager will ensure that all aspects of your project are implemented with minimal disruption to your day-to-day business.